If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or just needing some support and guidance through a time of family transition, call Healthy Family Beginnings today.  


Postpartum Depression Treatment 

Are you feeling overwhelmed or even a little out of control as you try to navigate life as a new parent? Do you often feel sad, disconnected from your baby or on edge? Are you struggling with guilt, beating yourself up for feeling so bad during a time people are expected to feel joy? Perhaps you are experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress as you transition into motherhood, especially if caring for a newborn is not what you expected it to be. Are you worried about whether you’ll be a good mom or dad? Do you feel stressed, hopeless and like you will never return to a “normal” routine again? Would you like some help and support as you adjust to parenthood?  

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Couples Counseling

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Are you and your partner struggling to connect and communicate? Are you so busy with your own lives that you barely spend time together anymore? Perhaps you are new parents dealing with the time, financial and emotional demands of having a new baby. Or maybe you’ve been parents for a while, and routines and responsibilities have taken precedence over your relationship. Have one or both of you been unfaithful? Are you aching to reconnect with the loving and fun feelings you used to have for your partner? Do you wish that you and your partner could push through this challenging time as a team and reconnect with the bond that initially brought you together?

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Parenting with Positive Discipline

 Are you a parent struggling with your child over back talk and whining? Do you get frustrated that your child does not listen? Do your child’s temper tantrums overwhelm you leaving you to feel helpless? Does the thought of going out in public give you anxiety? Do you feel your family revolves around a particular child and his/her behaviors? Is one child’s behavior taking away attention and your ability to focus on the other children in your home? Or maybe you dread bedtime because it is a huge hassle? Would you like solutions, tools, peer advice, and confidence to help stop your child’s undesirable behaviors while learning effective ways to encourage their development of important life skills and characteristics?

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