Clinical Consultation for Maternal Mental Health Professionals

Are you a clinician interested in working with pregnant and/or new moms? Are you already a clinician working with moms and wanting to increase your knowledge and toolbox? Do you have a complex case that you are unsure how to navigate clinically? Are you just interested in more about maternal mental health topics such as postpartum depression and anxiety, or miscarriages, infertility, or stillbirths? Whatever your clinical need in maternal mental health is, I can help!

My consultation style is client-centered, as is my therapeutic approach. We all have strengths and areas of needed improvement, and I honor both. There is no cookie cutter models when it comes to working with our therapy clients, so why would a clinician’s needs be any different? I value your time and do my best to provide you effectively with the information, validation, tools, and case conceptualization needed to be successful when working with the maternal mental health population.

My hourly rate for consultations is $100 which includes a 1:1 phone call, a review of a preliminary email to prepare for the call, and a follow up email of any tools discussed on the consult call.

I have been working with moms and families in transition for 10 years. I found my passion working with pregnant and new moms through my own struggle with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety when I had my first child. I also struggled with breastfeeding so I was determined to learn everything I could about it and became a Certified Lactation Educator. I craved knowledge on all the things new moms struggled with so that I could do my best to understand their perspective and struggles. I am also a certified clinical supervisor with the state of California.

What can you expect from maternal health consultations?

I am equipped to provide you with standard tools and interventions to help decrease your client’s initial presenting symptoms. When these moms reach out for a therapist’s help, they are first and foremost looking for symptom relief and validation of their experience and feelings. Once we get their symptoms under control, I can provide you with the tools and ability to case conceptualize to help your clients do deeper, attachment focused work. Through this deeper work clients can begin to understand and connect the dots between their childhood experiences and their current experiences. Often times the discovery of root causes help alleviate mom’s deep rooted feelings of guilt and shame, while allowing them access to the self-awareness they need to be the mom they envision. What a gift you can give your clients; not only symptom reduction but a sense of self-worth and the foundation they crave going into motherhood.

Some ideas of topics for maternal mental health consultations:

  • Symptom reduction of Postpartum Depression and/or Postpartum Anxiety

  • How to help a mom or couple through a painful miscarriage or stillbirth

  • How to help a mom understand trans generational transmission of trauma

  • Understanding transference and counter-transference as it pertains to your client(s)

  • How to help moms or couples create a postpartum care plan to minimize their chances of Postpartum Depression and/or Postpartum Anxiety

  • How to work with couples seeking help in the transition into parenthood

  • Guidance on complex cases where you may be feeling clinically stuck