Are You Worried About the Well-Being of Your Family?


Do you feel like you have lost control over your children? Do you feel hopeless about the future of your family? Are you worried that your unhappy relationship with your partner is negatively affecting your children? Are you or your partner struggling to connect and relate to one or more of your children? Perhaps you are a growing family and finding the adjustment to a new baby causing stress to each relationship? Does one or every member of the family seem to be in emotional disarray whether it is expressed through anger outbursts, tears and whining, or withdrawal?

 Families Can Restore the Peace While Building Stronger Relationships.

 Family counseling can be an effective way to restore lost balance in a family unit. Family counseling can offer insight into unhealthy patterns and offer guidance to a family while finding solutions to breaking these patterns. It also provides families with new tools to effectively communicate, share thoughts and feelings, resolve conflict, strengthen relationships, and increase the overall happiness of each individual. Supporting and fostering each member of a family’s individuality can be challenging, but with education, guidance and the right tools each person can feel acknowledged and appreciated for their uniqueness.

 Lots of Families Struggle to Find a Solution That Fits Their Needs.

 With the demands of today’s world on each person within a family unit, it is no wonder disconnect and miscommunication happen. Often times both parents are expected to work to make ends meet leaving very little time for individual check-ins. Even if there is one parent who stays home, the demands of both parents can cause an unseen divide and unspoken resentment. There is more pressure on children to excel in academics and extracurricular activities such as sports, music, volunteer opportunities - the list seems endless. Maybe a new baby has recently joined the family creating a shift that alters already existing relationships. The changes in a family that lead to the overwhelming negative feelings you may be experiencing does not happen overnight. Human nature is adaptable and does what it needs to in order to survive. Unfortunately survival does not always equate to healthy patterns in a family. The good news is that with the help of a trusted therapist these negative patterns can be identified and replaced with healthy ones that facilitate connection and growth.

 You are not alone in your search for help. Many people turn to family counseling when they feel hopeless after their own attempts of resolution have failed. It can be overwhelming when looking for someone to help you, your partner, and your children. Finding someone your family can trust and connect with can feel like an impossible task. A good place to start is making sure that the therapist you are considering is licensed to practice in California and has training in family counseling. Most therapists are open and willing to answer your questions, so do not be shy when asking.

 I believe that each family is unique and family counseling should be tailored to those differences. There should not be a “cookie cutter” approach in family counseling. I have worked with hundreds of families over the years and witnessed a wide range of family conflict, love, miscommunication, lack of understanding, and overall dysfunction. I can honestly report that no two family’s treatment plan has ever been identical. Through my own experience in family crisis during the transition of bringing my daughters into the world, I can offer not only the professional prospective but I can empathize with the feelings that come when a family is experiencing turmoil and disconnect. Raising a family is tough business there is no doubt about that; but I truly believe family counseling can offer light where once dark, restore relationships, define structure, create laughter, acknowledge and appreciate each member’s contributions,  and highlight each individual’s strength, offering insight into one another’s world.

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 We Can’t Afford Family Counseling.

Family Counseling is an added cost to your family’s budget and can be expensive. I urge you to think of the cost of family counseling as not only an investment into restoring peace and functioning within your family, but also an opportunity to model an important life lesson for your children. You are showing them that it is okay to accept help from others when a problem becomes overwhelming and a new perspective is necessary. You and your children can also utilize the tools learned in family counseling to improve other life domains such as work, school, and friendships.

  My Partner is not On Board with the Idea of Family Counseling.

It is true that having the entire family involved and committed to the process of family counseling will likely produce the best results, but that does not mean that a family cannot grow and learn without the entire unit present. A large part of family counseling is learning about yourself, how you relate to the members in your family, and how each person can be responsible in a relationship to make changes regardless of another person’s investment or actions. If a person is not ready to attend family counseling that is okay. I encourage you to not allow that to stop your decision to seek help for the remaining members of the family.

Our Family is Too Busy to Commit to Family Counseling.

During family counseling your family will learn the importance of quality time together to share and bond. Family counseling will give your family an opportunity to experience the rewards of making the time to spend with one another without any distractions. I cannot express enough how the health of a family affect the overall quality of each individuals life. The time and commitment is worth every minute.

 Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation if you have any other questions on how family counseling work and/or how it can be beneficial to your family. I am happy to discuss how my practice works and answer any questions.