Have you ever heard the expression "it takes a villiage"? Parenthood is HARD and you do not have to walk the journey alone. Healthy Family Beginnings offers an array of groups and classes where you can connect with others walking the same path. A place to learn, a place to share stories, solutions, laughter, and tears.  A SAFE place to share real thoughts and feelings without any judgment, just love and support.  

Isolation is one of the common threads that run through the life of the majority of mothers. Especially after having a new baby, mothers are told to stay indoor so that they can rest and heal, so that the baby is not exposed to all the yucky germs. But being at home alone with just the baby all day can be isolating and depressing. Watching the clock waiting for your partner to come home or a friend to stop by to chat is not a healthy way to spend your first postpartum months. Of course protecting the baby from pesky germs is important but that can be accomplished outside your home. But breaking the isolation is just as important to your health as a mother which directly affects your children. 

There is a link between Postpartum Depression/Anxiety and isolation. Being a part of a group, a community of mothers can help to break that isolation through connection with others going through similar experiences. Hearing the struggles, triumphs, and stories of others helps to normalize your experiences that may be making you feel uneasy or unsure of yourself. You are not alone in your journey, reach out today.