Are You a Mom Looking for Support and Friendship?

 Have you recently had a baby and feel stuck in your home? Are you on maternity leave and not sure where to go to meet other moms? Are you looking for a source for community resources? Are you wanting to chat with other moms about your infant’s sleep and feeding habits? Are you exhausted and could use some encouragement and reassurance? Are you a mom with multiple children and are feeling overwhelmed with the mounting responsibility? Perhaps all your friends do not have children and are unable to relate to your new roles as a mother? Are you a mom looking to make lasting friendships and connections with other moms in your community?

 Access to a Community of Supportive Moms Just Got Easier.

 There is a wise African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” One cannot understand the true meaning of this proverb until they have experienced parenthood. When involved in a moms support group woman often times feel more confident in their parenting decision. There is a sense of relief when your fears and concerns about motherhood are shared and validated. Knowing that others are experiencing the same lack of sleep and overall exhaustion helps to normalize what you are going through. A moms support group can give you an place to meet potential friends who want to hear your parenting victories and struggles. A moms group can provide a sounding board for your thoughts and feelings as you navigate this journey.

 How do we Define Support and Why Moms Need Support.

 Over the last few years, moms support groups have become a popular thing over the internet. They range from online forums such as Baby Center to groups created on Facebook by other moms. Although these groups can be very helpful, they can also give the false sense of community which tends to physically isolate moms. More than ever, women need validation and guidance during the vulnerable early years of motherhood. They need to witness they are not alone in their struggles and need other moms to celebrate milestones.  

Our society has created a culture of isolation for new mothers; stay indoors with a newborn, do not take the baby to public spaces, only allow close family members to come visit. These “rules” create a bubble around mom and her new baby which can feel lonely. Here at Healthy Family Beginnings, we want to break these rules and create a community of moms who stand up to the notion of isolation. Moms need other moms for support, guidance, love, and validation. A moms support group allows for physical connection, eye contact, emotional support, hugs when needed, help holding the baby, an outlet from “the bubble”, and an opportunity to create meaningful lasting friendships.

In our moms support group we foster differences and encourage learning through other’s experiences. We accept all moms for where they are in their parenting journey. We respect each mom’s choices whether it be to breastfeed, formula feed, cloth diaper, co-sleep, crib sleep, home school, work full time, stay at home with their children, or any other personal choice they’ve made for their family. In our moms support group we understand that each mom makes the best decision for their family’s need and situation.

Call us today for more information regarding our moms support group. Come join us for a meeting or two and get acquainted with the moms and the support we offer.

 I Have Other Small Children at Home During the Day, Can I Bring Them to the Moms Support Group?

Yes, absolutely. This space is a place for moms and their children. The office where the meetings are held has a small play area with toys and activities to help keep children entertained. The group is relaxed so there is no worry that your child may be disruptive to the group’s flow. We are all moms and completely understand.

 I am Shy and Have a Hard Time Connecting with Others, What is Expected of Me in the Mom Support Group.

That’s Ok. Use the space for whatever you need. If you want to come, sit, and just listen, that is perfect. Sometimes just hearing other mom’s stories helps to reassure and validate your thoughts and feelings. You are not expected to participate in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable. The hope is that you will continue to return and if/when you do feel comfort to share in the conversation you will.